Adjustable Micropipette, Variable Micropipette, Adjustable Volume Micropipette

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Single channel adjustable micropipette with easy-to-read volume display and fully autoclavable. The variable micropipette has an ergonomic design provides an excellent operating experience. The adjustable volume micropipettes cover a volume range from 0.1μL to 50mL.
  • Easy-to-read volume display
  • The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1μL to 50mL
  • Easy calibration and maintenance
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Can withstand high temperature (upto 120°C) and high-pressure sterilization
  • Weak acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
Our adjustable micropipettes are available in the following sizes –
  • P2 (0.1-2.5ul)
  • P10 (0.5-10ul)
  • P20 (2-20ul)
  • P50 (5-50ul)
  • P100 (10-100ul)
  • P200 (20-200ul)
  • P1000 (100-1000ul)
  • P5000 (1000-5000ul)












P2 Micropipettor
P10 Micropipettor
P20 Micropipettor
P50 Micropipettor
P100 Micropipettor
P200 Micropipettor
P1000 Micropipettor
P5000 Micropipettor
P2 Micropipette
P10 Micropipette
P20 Micropipette
P50 Micropipette
P100 Micropipette
P200 Micropipette
P1000 Micropipette
P5000 Micropipette


Adjustable Micropipette
Variable Micropipette
Adjustable Volume Micropipette