Distilled Water 1L (1 Litre/Ltr)

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Buy 1L Distilled Water supplied in 1 litre HDPE containers.

Our pure 1 litre distilled water is manufactured to the highest standards using a multistage filtration process including steam distillation. The process we use removes a large percentage of contaminants such as dissolved solids and is capable of killing most bacteria and viruses if present.

  • Very Low EC / PPM / TDS
  • Batch tested for quality
  • EC 3.85 μS/cm (typical)
  • pH 6.21 (typical)
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Litres
  • Steam distilled

1 litre distilled water is excellent for mixing and formulation, it leaves no residue when it evaporates due to the lack of minerals. 1 litre distilled water has a wide range of applications including scientific, commercial and household uses. Here is a list of some of the common applications but this is by no means exhaustive; autoclave’s, ultrasonic cleaning, humidifier supply, laboratory glass cleaning, printing solutions, hydroponics, battery maintenance, prevention of furring and scale formation in irons.

Pure steam distilled water (Also referred to a dH2O water) can also be used instead of de-ionized water.

Distilled water is technically classed as a solvent and has some unique properties due to being almost completely depleted of minerals, which puts it into an unstable state where it wants to absorb anything soluble that comes into contact with it. For this reason, it is not advisable to drink distilled water as it can deplete the body of minerals very quickly.

The steam distillation process heats the pre-purified feed water to boiling point at which point the liquid turns into vapour, this is then condensed back into a liquid which leaves behind dissolved solids and kills most bacteria and viruses.

We batch test to ensure consistent high quality before packaging 1 litre distilled water in HDPE 1 litre jerrycans with tamper-evident caps.

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1 Litre Distilled Water Specifications

EC 3.85 μS/cm @ 25°C (typical)
pH 6.21 25°C (typical)
Purification Method Steam Distillation
CAS number 7732-18-5
EINECS (EC) number 231-791-2
Molecular Formula H2O
Molecular Weight 18.015 g/mol
Container HDPE (5L)
Container Cap Type Tamper Evident
Size 1 Litre

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1 litre distilled water manufactured and bottled in the UK.

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Also available in –

5 litre distilled water

10 litre distilled water

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litre distilled water litre distilled water litre distilled water


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