KN95 FFP2 Particulate Respirators Face Mask – Box of 40 masks

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KN95 FFP2 Particulate Respirators Face Masks protect against moderate levels of dust, as well as solid and liquid aerosols



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The Dishang FFP2 Particulate Respirators (European Standard EN:149:2001 + A1:2009) filter face-pieces are respirators for use against particles. They provide effective respiratory protection for use in industries where workers will be exposed to solid (dust) particles and/ornon-volatile liquid particles. The respirators are manufactured using biomass graphene Healfiber derived from natural plant products.

Biomass graphene has bacteriostatic properties (intended to stop bacteria reproducing) which can effectively filter dust, bacteria and other harmful substances. This respirator is ideally suited for applications where a higher protection factor is required and provides respiratory protection against most gases, vapors and particles. Product



These respirators are suitable for use in concentrations of solid and non-volatile liquid particles with maximum concentration of 10x WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit). Always remember that the respiratory protection is only effective if it is correctly selected, fitted and worn throughout the time when the wearer is exposed to hazards.



Products are classified by filtering efficiency and maximum total inward leakage performance (FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3), also by usability and clogging resistance. Performance tests in this standard include filter penetration: extended exposure (loading) test: flammability; breathing resistance and total inward leakage. Reusable products are also subjected to cleaning, storage and mandatory clogging resistance tests (clogging is optional for non reusable products). A full copy of EN 149:2001+A1:2009 can be purchased from your national standards body.



Technical Description:

Valve: No

Straps: Double elastic

Mask Size: Medium

Latex Free: Yes

PVC Free: Yes

Silicone Free: Yes

Filtration Efficiency: ≥ 95% Salt Particles, Medium Particle Size 0.075um