pH UP (Growth Technology), pH +, pH Plus 250mL

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Growth Technology pH Up, pH Plus, pH + is a 25% solution of potassium hydroxide, used to raise the pH of nutrient solutions.

pH is vital for the balanced absorption of mineral nutrients in hydroponic cultivation. Growth Technology pH Up helps alter the acidity level of your nutrient solution. 

pH Up contains potassium hydroxide (KOH). This is a very caustic liquid and should be handled with extreme care. Once again our product, at 25%, is stronger than competing products it is a very basic (alkaline) solution and should be handled with care.

This formula will act quickly to raise the pH of your nutrient solution back to an optimum level.

250mL bottle. 

Health and safety

These solutions are highly concentrated aggressive liquids and the manufacturer recommends exercising the following precautions:

Wear gloves and eye protection when handling and administering
Store safely and keep out of reach of children
Important notice

pH Up and pH Down solutions can only be sent to mainland UK addresses. We cannot ship this product to any offshore destinations due to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code.